2 Ways to Browse Digg Stories the StumpleUpon-Way

StumbleUpon and Digg have been my major social bookmarking/voting sites for months. There’s no way to compare the two sites: it’s like comparing oranges to apples; but it’s nice that sometimes we are given the opportunity to somehow mix them.

Today’s social media tools will give some StumbleUpon feel to Digg browsing: the tools will allow to click through Digg stories the way SU toolbar button allows to browse through stories shared on StumbleUpon: all you need is just clicking the button and see some random page submitted to Digg:


Jogstr is a nice online tool that requires no registration and allows to click through popular or upcoming submissions in any Digg category /-ies:

  1. Choose at least one category;
  2. Click “Jogstr”;
  3. See the top popular story on Digg;
  4. Digg it (for that you will be taken to the submission page on Digg);
  5. Share on multiple supported social media networks;
  6. Or “Jogstr” further:

You can also set preferences to filter some subcategories, select the media type and choose between “jogstering” popular or upcoming stories:

Sub Digger Plus

Sub DiggerPlus helps to browse through any Digg user’s friends’ submissions:

  1. Provide any Digg user name;
  2. See a random story submitted by this user’s friend;
  3. Use Digg bar to digg or share the story;
  4. Click “Next” to see another friend’s submission:

The tool is thus a good way to kill an idle hour and keep up with the content your friends share on Digg. It is especially useful if you have been selective when adding people to friends and thus follow only those who share the same interests as you.