10 Profit-Driving Chatbot Campaigns You Can Copy Today

Marketing channels or strategies with unknown ROI can be a hard sell internally with resources and budgets reserved for proven channels.

This is exceptionally true for any SMB owner, marketer or agency with SMB clients.

“Get back to me when Facebook Messenger marketing case studies have some real teeth,” you say.

Yes, Facebook Messenger is a marketing channel that was born 3 years ago when Facebook released a developer API that allows for automated customer communication on the chat app.

But don’t mistake Facebook Messenger marketing’s youth for a passing fad.

Facebook Messenger marketing is responsible for these drool-worthy results:

  • 1.9X average order value of website purchases for LEGO.
  • 329% revenue increase for Leiftech.
  • 11% higher appointment booking rate for Sephora.
  • 20% increase in sales for DBS.
  • 36% higher installations for N3TWORK.

The list goes on…

“Where’s this list?!” you ask. “And how can I leverage these Facebook Messenger marketing formulas for my own business?”

This article has 10 recipes for results-driving Facebook bots you can clone for your own business or clients today.

You’ll learn:

Let’s jump in!

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty, it doesn’t hurt to go over the basics.

If you find yourself asking, “What is Facebook Messenger marketing anyway?” then you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t as complex as it may sound.

Facebook Messenger marketing involves using one of the most engaging tools available (Facebook Messenger, in case that wasn’t clear) to engage with customers.

With over a billion users, Messenger is like a digital home for 1.4 billion users; it’s comfortable, familiar, and used nearly every day.

What makes Messenger a special communication platform is that it allows businesses to speak with customers automatically and at scale.

When you create a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you have the ability to automate 24/7 engagement with customers, ensuring critical information is only just a few taps away.

It’s a customer service paradigm that embraces a platform that current and potential customers already use.

And, since engagement is critical for marketing, Facebook Messenger chatbots are tools that should be part of every company’s arsenal.

But, what is a Facebook Messenger bot, you ask?

It’s a small program that communicates with Messenger users who reach out, providing them with answers to basic questions or information about your company.

Read this article as the primer to learn:

  • What is a Facebook Messenger bot.
  • What can an SMB use Facebook bots for.
  • Who on your staff is suited to build your chatbots.
  • The tools you need to launch your bot.
  • Tips on maintenance, campaign sends and engagement.
  • How to grow your Facebook Messenger contact list.

Then come back here to see some of the effective campaigns business are actually using bots to boost business value.

How Ecommerce & Retail Businesses Are Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

The ecommerce and retail space is shockingly competitive. Bots are driving big results in increasing online sales.

What LEGO has done with its product recommendation chatbot Ralph is one of my personal favorite ecommerce chatbots in action.

1.9X higher order values is not a coincidence. Nor is 3.4X higher return on ad spend for click-to-Messenger ads compared to ads that linked to the LEGO website.

Another product recommendation bot in my SMB swipe file is Leiftech, a unique electric skateboard that rides like a snowboard.

No surprise, shoppers would often face unknowns when buying online, like what’s the right board size and design for me?

Thanks to find-the-right-board-for-you Facebook Messenger bot, Leiftech saw revenues soar by 329%.

Advertising was delivered to abandoned cart shoppers with ease, and the chatbots supported users as they advanced in the sales funnel, leading to higher conversion rates.

Companies Using Facebook Messenger for Appointment Setting & the Stellar Results

Booking appointments can pose hang-ups both for users and businesses. Having to discuss dates and times with clients takes up a surprising about of time, time that could be better spent focusing on other areas of your business.

But, with Facebook Messenger, appointment setting can be one of your simplest processes.

Once Sephora – one of the biggest names in beauty – created Sephora Assistant, a Messenger-based bot, the company’s booking rates went up by 11%.

Plus, they eliminated five steps usually required to book an appointment, improving the customer experience as well.

Any company that uses appointments to serve customers can take advantage of the technology, so you don’t have to be in the beauty sector to make the most of a scheduling chatbot.

Enviable Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants & Food/Beverage Companies

Chatbots are making waves in the restaurant industry. Being able to incentivize customers by providing information about new offerings, coupons, and more at the right times can make a massive difference.

Plus, setting up a chatbot is much cheaper than creating a unique app and personalizing the customer experience is substantially simpler.

Busy locations can even use Facebook Messenger chatbots for reservations, making that process easier as well.

Food and beverage companies are also seeing excellent returns with Messenger advertising. Fanta, working to promote its new drink – Fanta Guarana – invited a young audience to head to a nearby McDonald’s and try the flavor for themselves.

Using Messenger, millions of coupons were sent out, and more than 33% were redeemed, a 46% higher rate than the company was targeting.

Messenger is also becoming more capable. Pilot case studies using Messenger as an ordering and payment mechanism are underway.

DBS piloted a bot called Foodster with a local coffee and tea business, letting customers order and pay through Messenger, and sales went up by over 20%.

Plus, wait times for drinks went down 30% during peak hours, creating a win-win scenario for the business and customers alike.

Streamlining Event Registration with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Events are engagement dynamos. However, the registration process is usually pretty clunky, even with some of the most capable web forms.

But, if you create a Facebook Messenger chatbot to manage the event registration process, you can streamline everything.

Contact details are captured with ease, and you can create a custom audience based on sign-ups. Plus, you can automate follow-up reminders to make sure everyone remains up-to-date.

B2B Lead Generation Made Simple with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger ads can be a cost-effective, traffic-driving alternative to other approaches.

When MobileMonkey allocated just $130 to its Facebook Messenger ad campaign, it secured 26 new messaging conversations.

That’s just $2.59 per result (much less than the $5 to $6 per click the same ad would yield if there was a traffic objective instead). (Disclosure: I work for MobileMonkey.)

Plus, the contact information for every person who engaged with the ad was automatically captured with the lead generation chatbot. It eliminated the anonymous traffic factor you get with regular ads, creating substantially more value.

Improving B2C Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger Marketing

If you sell products or services to the general public, B2C lead generation is a critical part of your operation.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are an amazing tool for increasing sales and assisting current and prospective customers. Plus, they are incredibly easy to implement.

In one travel industry case study of chatbot marketing, New York helicopter tour company embraced Facebook Messenger, placing ads to sell travel packages.

Within just a $900 daily ad spend, the company generated an average of $5,000 to $7,000 in bookings each and every day thanks to ad targeting and chatbot auto-reply features.

The chatbot ensured that customers could get answers to their questions 24/7. And sent qualified leads to the travel company’s sales team while they slept.

App Downloads Increase Thanks to Facebook Messenger Marketing

When it comes to crowded spaces, apps is one of them. Getting people to actually download your app can be excoriating challenging, especially as more and more apps enter the landscape every day.

N3twork decided to try something different, using Facebook ads and Messenger ads together to increase downloads.

Once the campaign launched, app installs of one of their games went up by 36%. Plus, the purchase conversion also shot up, reaching 57% higher than average.

Publishers Making the Most of Facebook Messenger Marketing

If you’re a publisher, your goal is to get your content seen. While being on social media used to be enough, today, getting a prominent place on a user’s feed isn’t as easy as it once was.

But, if you use Facebook Messenger to broadcast your content using a bot, you can increase delivery, enhance engagement, and grow your audience.

Plus, it can drive traffic back to your site and help you expand your email list.

For your swipe file, check out TechCrunch’s publisher chatbot case study.

Simplifying Contests and Grow Contact Lists with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Contests are a great way to grow your contact lists. After all, it’s a known fact that people like free stuff and they are often willing to provide their details in exchange for a chance to win.

But contests can be incredibly cumbersome to run. That is, unless you use a Facebook Messenger bot.

The chatbot does all of the heavy lifting – capturing the lead, creating a low-friction experience, and allowing you to automate follow-up.

Streamlining Surveys & Upping Participation with Facebook Messenger

Most companies ask customers to complete surveys through email. But, since email open rates are a mere 20.81%, the results aren’t that great.

With a Facebook Messenger survey, the engagement rate is significantly higher.

Plus, the survey is inherently mobile friendly, something that isn’t always the case with web-based forms, and the conversational interface keeps the person hooked from beginning to end.

You can even save the responses to the customer profile, something that might not be possible with web forms.

Check out the quick-start Facebook Messenger chatbot templates that you can clone for an SMB or start-up in these industries:

When you’re ready to fire up your own Facebook Messenger chatbot, study the successes of other businesses like yours.

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