Microsoft Advertising Launches Audience Segments For Valentine’s Day

Microsoft Advertising has made several updates to its platform to help marketers scale their campaigns and reach more customers.

Market Expansion

First, Microsoft Advertising is expanding to 34 additional markets, now totaling 164 markets worldwide, allowing businesses to reach over 1 billion people.

Automated Bidding & Last-Touch Attribution

One of the key features of Microsoft Advertising is the Microsoft Audience Network, which provides flexible options to meet advertising goals.

Microsoft is adding automated bidding and last-touch attribution to the Microsoft Audience Network and making data exclusions available for all automated bidding tactics.

This will allow marketers to automate and optimize their bidding strategy, making it easier for them to reach their target audience and achieve their advertising goals.

These new features will also help marketers better understand their advertising efforts’ impact, as last-touch attribution provides insight into which touchpoints had the most significant influence on conversions.

Data exclusions for all automated bidding tactics is another helpful feature for marketers. It allows them to exclude specific data from their bidding strategy, giving them more control over their advertising efforts.

Additionally, data exclusions can help ensure optimal performance during a data outage or unintended conversion tracking changes.

New In-Market Audience Segments

To further enhance audience targeting, Microsoft Advertising has launched in-market audience segments for Valentine’s Day in India, the UK, the US, France, Germany, and Australia.

Additionally, the company is piloting the expansion of custom combinations, allowing marketers to create combined lists of audience types such as Customer Match, Custom Audiences, Remarketing, and Dynamic Remarketing.

Conversion Tracking Updates

Microsoft Advertising has made several enhancements to conversion tracking, including the ability to disassociate Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags, a simplified setup for custom events, and the ability to quickly implement conversion tracking across all accounts.

The company has also made Google Import for Smart Campaigns available in 11 markets, making it easier for advertisers to transfer their campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft Advertising’s expansion to new markets, features such as automated bidding and last-touch attribution, and improvements to conversion tracking provide businesses with more opportunities to reach their target audience, optimize their campaigns, and increase their overall advertising performance.

Source: Microsoft

Featured Image: sockagphoto/Shutterstock