Google Ads’ Universal App Campaigns Are Now Just ‘App Campaigns’

Google is rebranding Universal App Campaigns, which are now known simply as “App campaigns.”

Google Ads users will now find app campaigns among the top-level campaign names.

This also includes Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Smart campaigns.

With this name change, Google hopes it will lead to more users selecting the right campaign type for their business goals.

App campaigns offer the unique capability of serving advertisements that allow people to download an app immediately after engaging with the ad.

In theory, other campaign types could also be used to advertise apps, but they are not optimized for app installs.

What Does This Mean for Google Ads Users?

Google notes this change will not affect campaign features or functionality. There is no action required for existing app promotion customers.

App campaigns now reach over three million sites and apps.

As of 2019, app campaigns have driven over 17 billion app installs.

These changes will start to roll out over the next month. New App ad innovations will be revealed at GDC in March.