Google Ads to Manage Users’ Campaigns Unless They Opt Out

Google Ads is sending emails to select users notifying them of a major change that will be implemented unless they opt-out.

Users are being told their campaigns will be managed by “Google Ads experts,” starting in 7 business days after receiving the email.

“We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business,” the email reads.

The email also provides a link to opt-out, otherwise, the service will begin automatically.

After the service is initiated, users will still be able to opt-out at any time.

It’s important for users to be aware of this, as Google emphasizes changes will almost certainly be made to their campaigns.

“… our Google Ads experts are identifying key changes that can help you get more out of your ads, from restructuring your ad groups and modifying your keywords to adjusting your bids and updating your ad text.”

Google also emphasizes the following benefits of its complimentary campaign support:

  • Expert knowledge experience optimizing over 800,000 Google Ads accounts
  • The benefits of having campaign experts working to improve your performance
  • Setup and ongoing activation of advanced features
  • An in-depth look at how the adjustments are working

Google is careful not to promise too much, however, adding that better results are not guaranteed.

“Google doesn’t guarantee or promise any particular results from implementing these changes, including impact on your campaign performance or spend.”

One thing Google does guarantee is that users’ budgets will not increase as a result of these changes.

If this doesn’t sound like a welcome change to your Google Ads account, then make sure to keep an eye on your email in case you’re selected for this service.