Google Ads is Removing Two Bidding Strategies in June

Google is planning to remove the ‘Target Search Page Location’ and ‘Target Outranking Share’ bid strategies in late June.

With the capabilities of Target Impression Share, introduced last November, Google has decided to no longer offer the above-mentioned bid strategies.

Target Impression Share is a smart bidding strategy which automatically sets bids according to where the ad will show up.

Advertisers can set bids to have their ads show up at the absolute top of the page, anywhere in the top section of the page, or anywhere on the search results page.

“Target Impression Share offers more flexible and granular controls to optimize for your desired impression share and search page location. And you can use “Absolute top impression share” or “Top impression share” to aim for the top of the page using Target Impression Share.

Starting in late June, advertisers will no longer be able to add new Target Search Page Location or Target Outranking Share bid strategies.”

Campaigns using Target Search Page Location or Target Outranking Share bid strategies will be automatically migrated to Target Impression Share.

After migrating to Target Impression share, campaigns will be automatically optimized based on previous target locations and historical impression share.