Google Ads Introduces New Ways to Promote In-Store Sales

Google Ads is rolling out new ways for local businesses to advertise in-store sales.

According to Google, searches for “on sale near me” have grown by 250% over the past two years.

To help advertisers take advantage of this influx in search volume, Google is bringing the following capabilities to local campaigns.

Optimize for calls

In the next few weeks, advertisers will be able to set up local campaigns to drive calls to businesses. This will be available even if store visits measurement isn’t set up.

Location groups

Advertisers can now promote a subset of business locations by creating location groups. This will make it easier to create ads for promotions that are specific to those locations.

Asset reporting

Advertisers can gain better insight into their creative performance with new asset reporting.

These reports can be used to see which messaging and assets work best together.

Local inventory ad promotions

Promotions can now be added to local inventory ads to highlight in-store offers on inventory that’s currently in stock.

Improved smart bidding

Google is introducing seasonality adjustments to smart bidding which will factor in expected increases in sales when optimizing bids.

More in-market audiences

Google is expanding in-market audiences with more segments across categories like beauty, sports, education, and real estate.