Google Ads Introduces New Policies for Certain Types of Medical Ads

Google is introducing a new policy to prohibit ads for unproven or experimental medical techniques.

Examples of such techniques, as stated by Google, include stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy, and gene therapy.

This new policy will prohibit ads selling treatments that have no established biomedical or scientific basis.

In addition, ads for treatments with insufficient formal clinical testing will also prohibited, even if they’re rooted in basic scientific findings.

Google explains why this policy change is being implemented:

“… we have seen a rise in bad actors attempting to take advantage of individuals by offering untested, deceptive treatments. Often times, these treatments can lead to dangerous health outcomes and we feel they have no place on our platforms.“

Experts in the field, such as the International Society for Stem Cell Research, support Google’s new policy saying it’s a “much-needed and welcome step to curb the marketing of unscrupulous medical products.”

Google will continue to allow advertisements for research happening in this space, such as clinical trials and ads for research findings.

This policy will continue to be evaluated and further updates may be made in the future as new findings come to light.

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